Deep Vein Thrombosis

How long will you to take the blood thinner? Dissolve your clot by our integrative treatment & protect yourself from side effects of blood thinner.

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Interstitial Lung Disease

Keep calm & Just Breathe. Join our integrative treatment protocol for interstitial lung disease and get it cured from the root of the disease.

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Chronic Renal Failure

Kidneys Age, Just Like You, Take Care of Them. Join our integrative treatment protocol for to protect your kidney from dialysis & transplant.

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Incurable Old Pain

Managing Pain, Brightening Lives. Excellence In Advance Pain Management. Join our integrative pain management protocol to enjoy pain free life.

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Integrative Fortification Programme

Integrative Approach

The chronic diseases are affecting a large number of people regardless of their strata all over the world. The rapidly increasing burden of chronic diseases poses a huge threat and biggest challenge to public health and demands effective and immediate action. Living with these illnesses causes enormous suffering … 

Various studies have reported that the best possible way is the prevention of diseases through improvement in lifestyles and behaviors. 

Dr. Prashnat Raj offers a novel integrative approach that complements the classical allopathic treatment.

Holistic Treatment

Literature has revealed that the ancient Ayurveda medicine system helps in stopping the further progression of the disease which makes it chronic. Every patient responds differently to treatment, hence it’s our duty to provide a better and improvised solution to the patient. The integrative approach includes the Standard Pulmonary medical treatment (Western Medicine) with valuable and desirable benefits from Ancient Indian Ayurveda treatment (Eastern Medicine) along with added benefits from meditation, Yoga & Vedic Rehabilitation, Medical Astrology, Vastu, Ragas, and nutrigenomics based diet Integrative Fortification approach helps in improving the overall efficacy of the ongoing standard medicine and stops the further progression of the chronicity of the disease. 

Dr. Prashant Raj offers the rare and unique combination of western medicine and eastern medicine to ensure best of Health.

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Integrative Treatment

How we treat disease by integrative medicine ?


Modern Medicine & Critical Care

Modern medicine takes care of acute & chronic symptoms by modifying receptors and manage lifethreatening conditions

Ayurveda, Diet Management & Lifestyle

Ayurvedic food & living improves the quality of receptors and thus contribute to decreasing the progression of the disease.

Aura Healing, Yoga, Raga & Mantra

Balance all the “chakras” and buildup energy supply to the corresponding organs which helps the body to recover in less time .

Medical Astrology & Managed Vastu

With the help of medical astrology and vastu, we help you to predict your future health and plan your treatment accrodingly.



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